Hope, Faith and Fear

Those of you who know me probably don't think of me as a religious person.  I don't speak much about my faith but last weekend I spoke in church.  You might even say I preached.

I spoke on hope, faith and fear.  I spoke about the difference between hope and faith.  Then I told everyone about how faith in God's plan for your life ends any fear you have about things to come.  I told my story of how God had changed my life as a child that was so filled with anxiety when someone said "Hello" to me in the hallway at school I couldn't speak for ten minutes, to a person who could stand before a group and talk about his life. 

I started attending DayBreak Community Church in Edmond (1718 S. Kelly) because my friends Carla and Dennis Clark asked Linda and I to attend.  Carla and Dennis moved out of town to take jobs as teachers and we haven't had much time to visit with them.  Church seemed like a way we could spend some time together.  I've continued to attend, and now consider it home, because with all the stress in my life in the last couple of years I have found attending helpful.

Why I came to speak is also interesting.  A couple of months ago, Boe Parrish, the minister of my church, said "While I am away maybe Dennis or Mark can preach…".  Dennis said quickly "Not me" and I said without thinking "I'd be happy to".   Boe wasn't speaking to me.  There is another Mark in the church.  It was one of those embarrassing moments. I felt like I had been pushed by a hand from behind, out of the line,  when your coach asks for a volunteer.  I think maybe God was doing the pushing.

It feels good to pull the bushel basket off the light. 

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