Living in Fear

I love my Country.
It's the GOVERMENT I'm afraid of!

How the USA is become a police state.

Princeton University describes the term "Police State" as:
a country that maintains repressive control over the people by means of police (especially secret police)

The United States was founded to protect "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as described in the United States Declaration of Independence. These are considered "unalienable rights". However, today, I question whether these ideals still exist.

When I was young I trusted everyone as did most people. You left their home unlock, and car running on a cold day while they went in the store. (1950)  These trusts died quickly. But some trusts continued.  A Policeman could be trusted.  (1960)  When you where in trouble you called the police or hoped one would drive by. Today even the process of democracy it self, voting, is thought thought to be rigged.

Because trust is accepting power without fear. Trust can be betrayed. Today people feel betrayed and untrusted by those we have put in power.

The Police

When did they drop "To Protect and Serve" as the police motto? I remember when police cars where black and white and made to stand out so you could find one when you needed them.  They had large seals on the doors. As a child I like their uniform. I felt safe when I saw a policeman.  I new if I got lost in the zoo, a city police officer would help you find your parents. Cops waked a beat, like the Zoo, because it made people feel safe.  Today parks, zoos and malls don't want the cops in uniform. They drive off business.

Raid Cars
Where's a Cop when you need one?  He may be just across the street but you may never know.  In the eighties we declared a war on drugs. I remember reading the police wanted new "unmarked" cars. The said they could catch the drug dealers if they could sneak up on them.  They said it was hard to raid a home if they knew they where coming and unmarked "RAID" cars could help.

Now years later the police use their raid cars not to track drug dealers but speeders. They say these cars are marked but they print the word police on the side of the car in large letters just two shades darker then the shade of the car. 

Secret Laws
Ignorance of the law is now excuse. Innocent until proven guilty. These are terms we learned in school. How can these be true if we have secret laws and NO FLY (guilty) lists requiring now judgment.

John Gilmore is suing the government because he doesn't think he should be required to show ID before boarding a commercial flight.  The Bush administration claims IDs are required and necessary for security but refuse to produce any regulations requiring them.  A three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals seemed skeptical of the Bush administration "secret Laws" but stopped short of ruling them unconstitutional.

WTF? Call me naive, but I've never heard of a secret law. I've heard of secret courts and secret evidence — which are bad enough already — but not secret laws. When did this happen? How could it possibly harm national security to identify the text of the law that requires passengers to show ID before boarding a plane?


SECRET LAWS (by Kevin Drum) Washington Monthly

( )

This isn't the only case!

The book 1984 didn't happen in 1984. It is happening in 2007. There are camera's everywhere. Every Highway, every intersection, every public inference is watch by a camera these days. It feels like people are spying on you from holes in the walls.

Border Crossings

You are not safe entering the US if you are a US citizen.  You and everything in your passion can be searched without cause or warrant.  As a citizen you can be imprisoned as a result. As a non-citizen you are only returned to your country.  Even Supreme Court Justices William Brennan and Thurgood Marshall have said this has "the hallmark of a police state."

The borders are shrinking. Soon you will need a passport to enter the USA if your are a citizen or not. I predict in the next ten years you will need a passport or national ID to leave your state.

Frogs in a Pot – A conspiracy theory
If you through a frog into a pot of hot water it will jump out.  If you put a frog in a pot of cold water and turn up the heat the frog will cook.  We are being treated like frogs by the government. When I was in high school we where treated like adults and allowed leave schooled for lunch. There where no cameras in the hallways or classrooms. Parents where allowed to come to school and stay with their children any time.

Government has increased the security in schools starting at the grade schools and increased the security every year for the last thirty years. Now high school students must say on campus. They have cameras in the hallways and are video taped by teachers when they leave campus. Grade school students have all this and medial detector at the doors.  There will be medial detectors in the high schools next.

Government treats our children like this so they can turn up the heat. I predict there will be medial detectors at the inferences to malls and into every business in the next ten years.

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