Back from the Dead!

I was traveling towards the light last week.

On the morning, April 6th I woke with a small pain in my back.  I didn't think much of it. I thought I had slept wrong.  This was the start of a weeks stay in the hospitial.

That Friday was a rainy day and my last day in class at work. The morning was exciting. Everyone antisipating the new job. A classmate brought bagels for breakfest. I enjoyed a plain bagel with cream cheese not knowing that was all I would have to eat for five days.

By noon, I was start to chill. By 2 pm, I was wrapped in my wind breaker and shaking like a wet dog. I made it through the day and even stayed late to complete my benifits package.  I had an idea I might need it.

By 2 pm Saturday, I had a fever in the FM broadcast range (104.2). I called the company nurse and she instructed me to go to the emergency room. I should have taken her advice but I didn't know where I could go. I had no idea what my insurance would cover so I went to an after hours clinic. This turned out to be a waste of time. They sent me to the emergency room.

Its now midnight on Saturday and in the ER they gave me an IV for dehyderation and IV antibiotics and chest X-ray.  The Dr. on duty gave me a diagnois of kidney infection. I was sent home with a script for antibiotics and told to return if I didn't get better in two days.

By Tuesday, I wasn't getting better. I still had a temp of 104 and I had nothing to eat for five days. This time,I went to my family doctor.  After another chest X-Ray he told me I had Pneumonia and after three days of ineffective antibiotics he needed to call the Center of Disease Control (CDC) to learn what should be done. The answer was a course of two anitbiotics interveniously.  This required a hospital stay. I was in the hospital for five more days. I was released on Sunday the 15th.  

I've been home recovering now for four days (today is the 19th) and I'm just now getting back to my old self.

I'd like to thank everyone who called and visited.


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