Nathan moves to Silicon Valley

Suturday July 1st (2006) is Apple‘s 30th Anniversary. Happy birthday Apple.

So, this is also my 30th year in the computer business.  Thirty years ago I was working for KA Electronics in Dallas Texas as a stock boy and I was going to Devry learning electronics. I remember reading Popular Electronics and wishing I had the money to order an Apple 1. Later it was my work with the Apple II that launched my carrier in computers.


 Now, thirty years latter, on this date, Nathan (my son) has moved to Cupertino CA, the Hollywood of the computer industry, to start a new job at Billeo as their lead Internet tech.

 Friday was Nathan’s last day at ??? where he did lots of Internet systems work and customer support. Friday night Nathan and I moved from his apartment to a system he rents on the internet.

Saturday, he packed up all his stuff in a U-Haul, closed all his accounts and services in Reno NV and drove over the mountians to Silicon Valley. Most of the time he makes this drive it is snowing on the passes.  On this trip it only rained.  As a matter of fact, he had rain for the packing, driving and unpacking. Saturday night he stayed in a hotel.

 Sunday he went apartment shopping. He says the hunting process was hard.  Most apartments would not let him move in that day because they required the “corporate offices” to do a credit search and that couldn’t happen untill Monday.  Late Sunday he found Oak Pointe apartments and they had no problems.  They could do all the approvals over the Internet. (Imagine that!)

 He is now moved into a two bedroom, two bath apartment. (pictures coming) 

 Now its Monday morning. This is his first day at the new job. A full generation after the personal computer indestry began.

UPDATE: 04/04/06 – Monday was not Nathan’s first day at work.  Today is. His boss helped him move in on Sunday but the work didn’t get completely done. So he was given the day off Monday to complete the move in process.  

 He did get a cell phone on Monday and returned the U-Hall. Today at 3:00 his Internet and cabel should be connected.  We are still waitting for pictures.


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