Quandry Peek

    I have chosen Quandry Peek as my first outdoors adventure in over ten year.

    I’m working on taking my first trip attempt this peek this weekend. The weather has not been holding up this year. Day time highs are in the hight 40s and night time temps are in the low 20s. Snow has been falling early this year. Even with heavy snow I hope to get above the tree line.


    According to my personal map of Quandry Peek, and using a Silva map measuer, it will be a two mile walk and a 400 foot climb to get above the trees and back. In my shape I believe this can be done, but at 11,400 feet it will take some work.

    My life still changes (diet) and training workouts are going well. Two or three times a week I spend 30-40 minute swims or working. In only the last month and a half I have lost more then ten pounds. And I’ve reached my first goal. I couldn’t measure myself on the public scales at the gym. Now I can. I’m under 350.

    I would like to do much more but I’m having trouble with my arthritis. Lately its my shoulder. The one I broke cycling. I’ve been eating Advil and Aleve like I ownd Pfizer.

    The other big problem is time. Linda’s job makes her work odd hours. Traci, like all 13 year old girls, think everything should be about her. The catch phrase of the day is �That is so unfair.�
But I’m not going to let any of this stop me. Colorado or bust.


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