Dad’s Girl Band


      My Lascivious Biddies CD came in today. :-) I’ve talked about the Biddies so much in the last week, when the CD’s arrived my daughter (13) called me at work and said, "Your Girl band CD are here." Yup, that’s perfect. In a world full of boy bands, there is a Girl Band for me.

    Critics are supposed to be critical, but I’m having a hard time finding something bad to say.

    Lee Ann, Amanda, Deidre and Saskia are delisus. Their music is pure ear candy for anyone tired of what goes for music these days.

    On their latest CD, Get Lucky, Lee Ann Westover’s voice is hoist, clear and lovely, not like any of the over processed almost synthicised vocals coming out these days. But, the harmonies are the best! The Biddies Anthem, on their last CD Biddi-luxe, just knocks me out.

    I took piano lesions as a child so I have always aprishated piano vocals and Deidre Rodman’s playing is a delight. Amanda Monaco fills the all the right spots and is great in the western style songs. I’d like to hear more from Amanda.

    I don’t know these girls. But I’d lay odds that Saskia Lane is a stubborn minded tom boy with a heart like lace. This is what would be needed to hall that bass from gig to gig and sill play with feeling.

    The Lascivious Biddies are not for everyone. They play well if you remember and groups with "Sister" in their name and their songs often remind me of New York show toons.

    Here is the bad part, its their CD covers. The pictures are cute but layout comes off just a little to flower power.

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