How things have changed.

    Today I’m sitting at Borders book store in the corner of the Cafe’, lessoning to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code podcast, drinking coffee writing this story.

    Linda and I have been working on my thirtieth (30th) high school reunion (Putnum City West) and this has me thinking about how much things have changed in the last thirty years. Mostly it’s simple stuff but there are a few big changes.


tty33.jpg When I was in high school computers where just coming to the masses. The first time I got my hands on a computer was in the concealers office in my high school. It was a Teletype terminal connect to the University of Oklahoma through the phone. Now today I’m connected to millions of computers, including my own systems. I have more computer power in my bed room then OU had at that time. But this is more of the obvious change.

While I was going though my year book I found a picture of a shooting we had in school. Not a real shooting. My friend Clark Snider and Guy Schilling staged it in class with toy gun and fake blood. Today with the zero tolerance policy I cant imagine what would happen.

I ask Clark about this through Instent Messager a couple of days ago. Here is how he tells it.

(16:50:00) Clark: Can you imagine how much trouble Guy and I would be in if we pulled that stunt today
(16:50:54) ME: Yes – I can see the school locked down, cops with bull horns, news vans and helacopters.
(16:51:08) Clark: and me and guy in cuffs…
(16:51:18) ME: that too
(16:51:35) Clark: and I would be in your graduating class if not linda’s
(16:51:55) ME: lol
(16:52:57) ME: Was it for a class or play or something? Did you guys just deside to do it in the hall way?
(16:55:14) Clark: it was for creative writing class taught by Cherry K Clifford
(16:55:34) Clark: Guy and I talked to her about doing it…
(16:55:51) Clark: it was a split class.. 1/2 class before lunch, 1/2 after lunch
(16:56:28) Clark: we wanted to do it and then she would have the class write about it afterward
(16:57:40) Clark: Having Guy involved was the perfect choice… he wasn’t screwed down real tight anyway
(17:01:43) ME: Yes he was. So was it in the hall way or the lunch room? Did you recreate it for the camera?
(17:02:02) Clark: It took place in the classroom
(17:02:18) Clark: Guy and I got in a fight right before the end of the
first half of the class
(17:02:45) Clark: we shoved and pushed and hit on each other pretty good to make it believable
(17:03:00) Clark: then he stormed off… making some vague threat
(17:03:41) Clark: He and I had made blood packs the day before, and at the end of lunch I put one in my shirt and one in my mouth
(17:04:04) Clark: Guy came back from lunch about 10 minutes late.. people were wondering where he was
(17:05:14) Clark: I was standing up, leaning over.. talking to, I think, Joan DeClaire when he walked into the room, said Clark… you motherfucker… and pulled the gun and started shooting
(17:06:27) Clark: I tore the pack in my shirt and bit the one in my mouth.. about did a flip over Joan’s desk, smearing it with blood, landed on the floor coughing and gasping… there was ALOT of blood….
(17:06:39) Clark: made quite a puddle
(17:07:43) ME: Wow. Sound like a great stage event. Did anyone beside you, Guy and the teacher know?
(17:07:57) ME: How did everyone react?
(17:08:43) Clark: some screamed
(17:08:47) Clark: some just freaked…

It seems people had more common sience therty years ago. They understood "kids will be kids". They understood expressing a little aggression is a good thing. They didn’t teach kids bottle their feelings by sending them to therapy every time they drew a picture of with a gun in it.

I live in Oklahoma and even in this laded back part of the world, people are becoming controlling uptight elitist. They seem to think with enough rules, and strong punishments everyone will be good and life will be better. I think if we keep marching in this direction the movie Gatica will look like Sesime Street.

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