Podcasting is "the new radio". People all over the world, interested
in all kinds of subjects, make their own "radio" shows on their home or
laptop computer. They then make them available for download.

FM today is way to commerical. PodCasting is real!

    Podcasting was started about a year ago by Adam Cury. He created the first software to download an audio file (commonly mp3) from his blog page called The Daily Source Code.

shows are so exciting for a while I was thinking of buying a iPod.
After thinking more about it an iPod would be the last mp3 player I
would buy. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a big pain the the ass.
(Subject for another blog.)

    Here is my top ten shows. I lissen to most of these the day they come out.

LUG Radio
    This guys are funny and know something about Linux too. They and some interesting people on their show.

The Linux Tech Show
    These guys are the Amarican version of LUG Radio. Their not quit as
funny and I don’t agree with them about Linux as much. They also have
interesting interviews.

    Here is a real tech show. They talk aboout whats new and whats inside.

Daily Source Code by Adam Curry
    Curry is the father of podcasting and know the business.

IT Conversations
    This show plays back talks from IT conferences on some cutting edge subjects.

Slacker Astronomy
    Because I love staring into the abbis.

    More listings comming. There are just to many to pick from.

Podcast Alley keeps a good list of all the shows.

resisting producing my own podcast. With all I have going on I’m sure I
don’t have the time. But I do have at least one Thank You voice mail to
the Lascivious Biddies.

03/08/2005 8:20
    WOW. I made the file. emailed it to the Biddies and got it back in 30 minutes.

Here is what I sent >> HiBiddies.mp3

And here is the reply.

You should definitely tell those stories!!!
We would love to do more podcasts, but Lord knows we barely have time for what we get done!!!
We’ll play your promo next week…if you get a podcast going before then. let us know and we’ll announce the URL…

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