Rogue Code: by Mark Russinovich

Some times I feel like writing.  This is funny because lots of people say I don’t do it well. Also, I’m dyslexic so, the process it a little painful.  Please give me your honest opinion. Believe me, there is nothing you can say I haven’t heard and it won’t stop me from writing. 

I read Rogue Code by Mark Russinovich about a month ago.  It was so good I’m about to reading it again.  It’s not as intense as a Clancy novel but it’s close if your a techie.

Mark works at Microsoft in the Windows Azure product team as a Technical Fellow.  He also helped develop the suite of Microsoft’s utilities called “Windows Internals”.

I have said, “writing software is like writing a novel where ever letter has to be perfect”. Also, “writing code is as much a creative process as writing a novel”. Mark can do both very well.

In Rogue Code, Mark takes you through the world of investment trading and the new mob. Mark’s character,  Jeff Aiken, is a computer penetration tester (pen-tester) and is given a job to pen-test the New York Stock Exchange.  It turns out hackers are way ahead of him.  As the plot unfolds, in a real life way, Jeff finds himself being chased by both the police and the mob. The book’s cross of disciplines (trading stocks and internet security) has grabbed the attention of companies like DittoTrade who mention it on their blog posts. It’s curious that this book has not picked up more traction, but alas that is likely because not many people want to read about the techy world like this.

If you read this book you’ll learn how stock trading is done today, more about every kind of trading platform that currently exists and, how computer security people work.  This book is so real to live I expect to see just such a story in the news any day. But they would never print the truth.  You’ll also learn why.

I once thought I wanted to work in Information Security (IS).  I did for a short time. It’s because of events like happen in this book I don’t work there now.

Let me know if you read this book. Maybe I’ll tell you some of my stories of working in IS.

One thought on “Rogue Code: by Mark Russinovich

  1. Hello, Mark. I am KD5VNE the fella who inquired on the TORKS page about RC sailplanes. Linda suggested I contact you here. I have this book on my reading list but am still working my way slowly through the last of the Clancy novels. Sad to think there will be no more purely (or at least in the majority) his.
    I did recently begin to read “Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World”, Gen. Stanley McChrystal. It’s pretty insightful. Much of what he predicted in the book has come to be. A college friend of mine at the Army War College recommended it. He says the General has the best insight of anyone he knows. McChrystal is working on a new one where he goes more into the cyber side, basically saying no future wars can be fought without a detailed plan for addressing cyber.
    Machine trading in the markets should be banned. No human can match the speed of a cyber opponent and it opens so many backdoors to market manipulation that it is frightening.
    Anyway feel free to email me. Right now I am set up for some heart procedures so I can be cleared for two joint surgeries. I need to get that cleared up before I start anything new with my Scouts. Right now the goal is to get my 5 second -year Webelos finished then take off a year to get the orthopedic stuff done and take care of me for a bit.
    Am planning to use the downtime to think through my programs and get them lined out for future leaders to take over someday. I think STEM is a good core component. I was saddened to see that the Governor has eliminated the STEM programs from Education in the budget cuts. I believe that to be a serious mistake.
    Anyway. We can email more if you desire.
    Ben Sharp

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