OHM = Oklahoma + (Hacker + Maker) * Space

Fourteen hundred (1400) square feet of space just waiting for mussels and brains to bring it to live.

Last night I attended a meeting OHM Space. For now it just a big room but I can invasion the day when it will have tools all types. I can see work working and medal working, electronics benches and paint booths, I can see class rooms with projectors and servers in racks. I can see people building furniture and bikes, RC planes and lots of electronics. But for now its just a space and the only making being done is the space it self and the only hacking was the dreams of the future.

Last night we talked about how people will be using the space.

Your have chance to become a cofounder. By paying for a full year of membership now, you’ll be guaranteed to have 24/7 access to an amazing community, voting rights, a neat certificate, access to a free parts wall and the honor of being an “OHM Space Founding Member”. The early adopter fee is $300 for your first 12 months in a single lump sum. That’s only $25/month! Collecting the money this way will help us get started with enough in the bank to keep the doors open and the electricity flowing for a full year.


2 thoughts on “OHM = Oklahoma + (Hacker + Maker) * Space

  1. Cool I’ll try to get some time off here in a week or two! Definitely want to be involved in this awesome group.

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