Studying for the Redhat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Exam

I have no idea what the examiner will give me to install Linux. I only know I will be ask to install it. Because I need to install Linux several times to learn what I need I have chosen to installing Linux over the network.  This is also part of what you need to know for the test.

This can be done with NFS, FTP or HTTPD.  I decided to do all three. Here are the steps I used.

You will need to get your hands on a set of Redhat Enterprise 5 CDs. (good luck) I have my set because I work with Redhat Linux for years and have several accounts.  A good substitute would be CentOS version 5. This is a free clone of Redhat Enterprise 5. You might also try Fedora Core. I'm not sure which version is closest to RHEL 5.


Create a share directory
    mkdir /mnt/inst

Create an iso image from the installation disk(s) using the following command:

  • For DVD:

    dd if=/dev/dvd of=/location/of/disk/space/RHEL5.iso

    where dvd refers to your DVD drive device.

  • For CD-ROMs:

    dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/location/of/disk/space/diskX.iso

    where cdrom refers to your CD drive device, and X is the number of the disk that you are copying, beginning with 1 for the first disk, and so on.

Setup NFS – edit /etc/exports
    /mnt/inst   *(ro,sync)

Export the share
    exportfs -a

Check iptables

Restart NFS service
    service nfs restart

Check the setup
    showmount -e

    HTTPD installs the same as NFS except you should copy files to /var/www/html/inst and then restart the httpd server. I created a simlink to this directory.
       ln -s /mnt/inst /var/www/html/inst

    This also works like the NFS process except you copy the files into /var/ftp/pub/inst and restart the vsftpd service. I created a simlink to this directory.
       ln -s /mnt/inst /var/ftp/pub/inst

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