Studying for the Redhat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Exam

I have created a new domain to track my studying

After 30 years of working in the computer industry I have decided to get certified. I'm studying for my RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam.

The RHCE is an all day, hands on test requiring the test taker to configure and trouble shoot Linux systems as directed by the examiner.

I have worked with Linux for ten years. I starting with version 0.98 and I have written Linux applications and kernel patches.  I use Linux to run my own websites. I worked for large corporations with hundreds of Redhat Linux servers.  You might think with all this experiences the exam should be easy. I don't want to risk the $750 cost to take the test.

My study guide is the "Red Hat certified Engineer Linux Study Guide – Forth Edition" by Michael Jang.  This guide is based on Redhat 3. The current RHCE test is given with Redhat 5. If anyone knows of a newer study guide, or is writing one, I'd be happy to buy or review it.

I'll be posting what I learn on this website, as I go along. I've learned you retain more if you read it, write it and do it. This website is where I'm writing it all down.  If you find something wrong or if you don't understand something, email me at

I'm not going to cover every detail in the book. There are a lot of Linux commands I know by heart and so I don't need to study them.  If you don't know vi, ls, ssh or tar already this website study along is not for you.   I've read only 50% of the people taking the test pass. If you don't know these commands already you might want to take one of the expensive courses.

I'm also not going to follow the book page by page. There are a few things that will make studying easier. Installing Linux over a network is faster then using CDs. So on day one, I'm going to setup network installation.

The computer I'm installing RHEL5 on is an old ? with a ? hard disk, keyboard, mouse, network connection and monitor.  I also have a second RedHat (Fedora Core 6) system to load the Linux installations CD's on.  You will also need to get your hands on a set of Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 CDs. I got my copy from a friend at work. 

Feel free to follow along and learn Redhat Linux yourself. Maybe I will see you at my testing center.

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