Can we all just work together

I was reading an article by Boe Parrish entitled Layoff Employees Need Help…Survivors Need Hope and here are my thoughts.

He said "(Everyday) Another layoff is announced, and another significant percent of the workforce is being laid off.  … Profits are declining, sales are off, and executives are left with no other choice than cutting expenses in order to remain competitive, or simply to survive."

This seems like a self fulfilling prophecy. People out of work spend less. People who think they may soon be out of work spend less. People who are not out of work but are supporting other family members who are out of work, spend less. Business people who are afraid customers will be buying less spend less.

I agree with Boe. Employees need Hope. I also believe employers need Faith.  I understand companies have stock holders to support and growth numbers to meet. I also know it is easy to say "I have faith God will provide all my needs" when it comes to your own life but harder to say to unbeleivers in a stock holders meeting. 

Everyone recognizes and responds to success. I believe companies that keep faith and offer support, not just price cuts to their customers, will shine bright and quickly be recignized. Business partners will become excited to learn how succesful companies are staying succesful when other are cuting back and holding cash because of fear.

We don't just live in a consumer ecomony, it is also a sellers ecomony. If you can't sell your product because your customer can't sell his, offer help.  Don't say, "I'll work with you." and then just cut your price, WORK with your customer. Go to their meetings and help bring new idea for growth. 

I think the only thing to fear is fear. I believe President Bush planted a seed of fear when the declared a financial  crisis and started this tail spin. We need to reject fear and keep the faith. 

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