I attended the open house for the Oklahoma City Coworking Collaborative (OkcCoCo).  Over one hundred people attended.  Derrick Parkhurst, Ph.D and Noah Everett spoke of TwitPic.com spoke to the crowd.

Dr. Parkhurst is the founder of OkcCoCo.  He spoke about the business and how collaborating booths assist and creates businesses. He spoke about the problems of starting a business. About how hard it is to work from home or from placed like Panera Bread or Starbucks.  Darrick hopes to create a place where independent workers, or small teams, can meet and talk to interesting people doing cool things with technology. OkcCoCo will included a learning center for classes about technology.

OkcCoCo should open April 1st.  It is located on the south west corner of 7th and Hudson, just north of downtown Oklahoma City.  OkcCoCo will be providing office space, conference rooms, class room space and a commons social area for people to meet. Space can be rented on a daily or monthly bases.  Flex plans provide cubical like work spaces for members from as little as five days a month.

Mr. Everett spoke about his endeavors starting TwitPic.com. Like so many start up stories Noah TwitPic from his apartment, in Tulsa Oklahoma, with only one server.  Today (literally) Noah is installing new equipment in a computer center in Dallas.  TwitPic has received lots of interest because it provides a way for people to share photos from their cell phones and through desktop computer apps easily. Here are my TwitPicsTwitPic.com received some notoriety for a single picture taken about the Hudson river plan crash and posted to TwitPic.

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