Things I own

Or maybe I should say odd things I own.  I hereby clam owner ship of these things. 

The word (The ring left on a plasic bottle after you unscrew the lid.)


 The Integers

7F F8 7A 0F 7B 92 A2 4D 7D 4E E0 4D 4D D6 E1 0E
75 FC A2 82 03 C3 A3 A2 31 D1 E5 53 66 0C A8 72

You can own your own integer at

What is this about you ask? I think copyright and pattend laws have gone crazy. Companies are claming ownership of all kinds of things that should not be pattened or copyrighted.  And if they can do it so can I 

I'm tempted to get a very large disk array and fill it with large numbers and endless lists of non sence words and claim ownership of all of it in hole and in part. Then start scanning the internet for their use and send letters to anyone using them.

One example the crazy ownership of your stuff is your DNA.  Several companies own large portions of the human genome. One of these days you may receive a notice to seace and desist the use of it or start paying them money for it's license. 

Check out

Another example is AAC clam on the integer

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

This number is used to decrypt DVD data and therefor their protected by the DCMA.  But how can someone own a number.  And, if they can own one why can't I?  I could use the number above as password to a system and make the same claims.

What if is number, translated into DNA sequences, was the same as part of the human geanome?


It's eazy to translate.  Go to

If you have ever read a copyright agrement you may have notice you are not allowed to translate their properity into any other form.  Now with this comes to numbers the posibilities are infonent.  I could XOR "Translate" this squence with almost any other number and still retrive the origonal number.  So would that not be promitted under the DCMA?

9F911029D74E35BD  Xored with
1234567890  =

There you go… I've done it again.


I found this website today.  ( ) Now people are advertising for you to find software bugs.  They will patend the solution to the bug and then when a companie patches them you get paid for them to use your idea. 

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