Oklahoma Trails Opens at the Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo broke ground for Oklahoma Trails on June 2004. It will  open on March 10, 2007 to the public and is 7.7 acres of fun.

My daughter, Traci, is a junior curator at the zoo . Through her,  Linda and I, were able to attend a early review of Oklahoma Trails on Monday evening, March 5.

Oklahoma Trails showcases species of animals native to Oklahoma. It is truly a unique encounter with naturalistic landscapes. We saw a black bear, cougar, paddlefish, turkey vulture, turkeys, wolves, western diamondback rattlesnake, roadrunner, bison, collared lizard (mountain boomer),  alligator snapping turtle "Elvis", a bald eagle, bats, spiders and more.

This space is tucked into the center of the zoo with the entrance between Lion Overlook  and the Great EscAPE. With lots of water effects and large indoor exhibits, this will be a popular place this summer. I like "The Barn" with the bats. We were there just after dark and the lights were dimmed in this exhibit.  So when the sun outside goes down the lights inside do as well.   

03/09/2007 – I've added pictures from the day in my gallery.  Check them out.

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