My Joost Invite Arrives


If you haven't heard, Joost is a new global broadband television service venture from the people who brought us Skype.  It is hot in the bogisphere but that's know why I have been egerly waiting for my invite to this service.  I believe everything is moving to a laptop near you. I don't own a TV set but I watch what I want and where I want any time I want.  

I lisson to podcasts and even make a few of my own. I record high def broadcast TVwith my WinTV-HVR 950 , and I watch video casts with Democrecy .  I've owned a Tivo and built my own MythTV. Time shifting is great. But none of these thing get it yet. What is realy going to change the world is full on HD Video / Audio on demand through a web like interface.

We are not there yet. You can't connect to the Internet with enuff bandwith just anywhere and even with broadband cable HD content can be slow.

But enough about what I want.  Should you get juiced about getting your account, or am I getting squised? 

Flying CristalsI'll fush this part out as I use Joost but here are my notes.

Flying red, green and blue cristals are what you see from the start. And you will see them often.  This simple video loop is used as a bumper when Joost is buffer downloads. I'm running Joost over a WiFi (fon router ) connection throught my Linux Firewall and out to my broadband Internet provider.  I get ??? up and ??? down. (According to ???).  Even while I'm download three ISO files Joost only skips or pauses rarely.  Skiping (the Max Headroom effect) seems to happen when you start Joost.

Video quality is HOT. Its as good as the HD video I get from my HVR-950.  I've had Joost for a day now and I've watched for about ten hours. The experence is a lot like local TV with interuptions every 30 minutes for a commerical from T-Moble, Eclepse gum or the Frute hair care product.  These interuptions are not as smooth as "Real" TV however. The don't fall at convenute times in the video and they are very abrupt. Even more then the abrupt cut to a comerical is the abrupt cut back.  A very shourt black out would make these cut jumps seem more natural.

User interface is very nice. Lots of eye candy and it is very intuitave. After years of using a TV schudules with a Tivo or my Win-TV, searching for something to watch in a video on demand system is different.  You are not looking for the next best show, your search for the best show.  If you could watch anything, what would you select to see next, or agian.  Think of the menu as YouTube searchs.

This type of service is all about content.  Joost can have the best video interface every and if they don't have anything you want to watch then its worthless.  Joost is YouTube.  Joost is not video podcasting.  You can't see either of these services on on Joost.  You can watch shows like National Geographic and Fift Gear and more. I like these show and I've watch many in a row but the content seems just a bit dated.  

If Joost wants to completely replace my TV watching they will need a way to provide the shows I watch. Many are video podcasts.  I watch RockBoom  and the NBC evening news every day through Democrecy. For now, Video and audio podcast will be my first choice in "Watching".  Local TV will be my next line and the first on days line Saterday monrning watching Public Television.  Joost then is in theird place but not a distent thierd and as fresher content is brought on Joost will grow.

One thing I would add to Joost?  I don't know what is cached?  I'd like it if I could have Joost download shows I like to view off line. It would be nice if Joost had more of a Tivo feel in that regard.  This is kind of a confusing idea.  With Tivo if you like a show, (I realy like House.) you tell Tivo you want a "Sesion Ticket" and Tivo will record (download) the shows as they come out.  Using this consept, I would have a disk full of National Geographic.  Not what I want.  What's needed is something more like RSS feeds used by podcasts. I'd like to "record" new shows but select older shows from a Tivo like search process.

Joost is till in Beta.  Maybe by the time it is done, Joost will be everything it hopes to be. 


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