F the RIAA


    I thought music was dead.

    I’m a product of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Along with my youth, my passion for music died. I thought this was a natural process. Every generation of kids find a voice in the music that speaks to them.

    What I’ve just learned is the youth and even us adults (I’m 49) have been feed so much crap over time we have forgotten what real music is like. The Recording Industry has taken control over almost every outlet and distribution channel and through them given us cheap, plastic, over processed crap.

    I’m here to say, REAL MUSIC LIVES!!!

    The Internet is setting music free again. It is a little hard to find. But through new channels out of the control of the RIAA, like PodCasting, some great artists are finding a way to be heard. Through these new channels you find GREAT honest music and you can put your money where it belongs, In the hands of the artists.

    There are lots of new RIAA free publishing companies to do this through. Here are a few I’ve found. Please post comments about the ones you find.

CD Baby
Pure Volume

And here are a few of the artist I’ve found.

Ronnie Day
Larger Then Life
Lascivious Biddies
My American Heart

    There is so much good mucic just in my own back yard I can’t believe it. This PodCast plays music of only Oklahoma bands.


    And South by Southwest is an Texas organization that has a gathering of artists from all of the US, each year. You can find the best of the best there.

    Let me tell you how I really feel about the RIAA. It’s OK to make money. It’s okay to make a profit. But the RIAA has become such a dominate force in music, they have cut music’s heart out and turned radio into a cesspool of cRAP. Stealing is a sin and the RIAA owns their music. But they have tried to tell everyone that their way is the only way, good music and copying music is stealing from the artists. Well lying is a sin too and I hope all the RIAA bastards burn in HELL.

Boycott the RIAA

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