Who Am I

Who am I?

I google therefor I am.  But who am I.

On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog.  That's great. Anonymity is a wonderful thing that lets the truth be told without people being killed.  It also allows for identity theft.  Employs Google prospective employees to look into their past. What if someone with your name was arrested for drunk driving. How can you dis-claim stories using your name?

I've found ClaimID.com helps people simply and easily manage their online identity. You can claim things that are about or my yourself and deny things that have nothing to do with your or are false.  Here is who I am.

How many Internet logon ID's do you have? Do you have more then one to some sites? I do too. Do you use the same password for each? If you do your protection is only as good as the weakest of them. Do you use the same password for your bank as you do for your favorite blog?

If every website would use it, OpenID could end our password problems. OpenID is a free / Open protocol designed to manage authentication.  Here is how it works.

When you login to an site that uses OpenID it take you to your choice of websites to login.  For example, if I login to the OpenID Directory after clicking on login I type in mark.grennan.com. Whats on this page doesn't matter. What matters in in the header (not seen in your browser there is this string. <link rel="openid.server" href="http://openid.claimid.com/server" />. This send me to ClaimID's OpenID server and asks me my password. It then send me back to OpenID directory.

There is a great Video about OpenID on Google Video.

What makes OpenID good is it's simplicity. You control where your authentication is done and how. You can use a service like OpenID, CalimID or Verisign's Personal Identity Provider or you could create your own system that requiring all kinds info to authenticate you. If your logging into your bank type in the ID that redirects you to a high security level service.

Take control of your identity.

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