Book Review – Kill Decision

Sci-Fi, Tech, Drones in one story!  Could I not read “Kill Decision” by Daniel Suarez?

Having read Daniel’s last two books,  (DaemonFreedom) I was ready for his next book.  Kill Decision is not a squeal to his last two.

(No Spoilers) Drones, including quad-copters like the one I’m building, make from off the shelf parts (that really exist) are given the power to kill people (think flying shotguns) are at high tech A-Team  is trying to find out how is behind it.

The actions is very good. The science is real. The tech is very possible. The love story a little lame but a small part of the book.  If your not a techie the tech might get in the way.  If you are a techie you’ll think Daniel play it down a little bit for everyone else.  If your a soldier, pray this book is pure fantasy.

In the book robots are embodied with the computer models of insects.  I have a friend, Mark, who’s PHD thesis was based on computer models of the evolutionary properties of small birds.  So as unreal as that sounds, don’t think it odd.

If you like the tech of Michael Crichton and you think Tom Clancy’s books are fun, you’ll love this book.