Spektrum Transmitter Battery Polarity Reversed

Today I bought a Spektrum upgrade battery from my DX8.  The SPMB4000LPTX Transmitter Battery from my local hobby shop.  After plugging in the new batter and turning on the radio, the radio bused (normal if you have the throttle up) but then it popped and smoked.

The battery leads reversed reversed.  I didn’t think to check the polarity from the original equipment manufacture.

The original batter is on the left and the new (BAD) batter is on the right.  You can see the connectors are the same way up but the wires are reversed.  The connector is keyed.

I’ve called Horizon Hobby.  They are sending me a return for service box.  I’ll tell you how the story goes.

BE CARFULL.   I’d rather be flying the writing this blog post.




My PhotoDuino

I’ve started a new electronics project. Think camera meets Arduino. Photoduino is as an existing project. I’m using a Arduino mega to add a stepper to drive a dolly on a track and take pictures.