Building a Home VMWare Server – UPDATED

I am building my own VMWare "Whitebox" server for home. I manage ESX system at work. I find using like equipment and software at home helps find, and resolve, issues before have to deal with them at work. I'm also interested in saving on my electric bill and increase my systems capabilities.  With four computers in my small corner bedroom it gets hot. The air condition runs almost continuously during the summer.  Along with the build project I'll be reporting on my energy savings.

I have three Linux servers to convert. I'll use ESXi to re-create them into virtual systems.  They are, a firewall, a web/s data store server and an email server.  The firewall is a small system running Untangle with a single disk, the web server is a Fedora Core system with a four disk RAID 4 and the email system runs Zimbra with mirror disks.

I'm also interested in experimenting with new systems.  Some of these are Gentoo, MythTV (MythBuntu), OpenFiler, BackTrack and Zarafa email. I may report on these as well.

In the next new posts I'll go over:

  • Hardware – What I purchased and why.
  • Server Construction – How I put everything together.
  • System Migration – Moving from physical systems to virtual systems.
  • Network configuration – How one Internet connection is connected to all the virtual servers and my desktop.
  • Benchmarks – How fast is everything and are there better configurations.
  • Power savings – Did I really save on my power bill? What is my return on investment.
  • Tweeks, Hacks and Tuning – Little things that make life better in a virtual world.

If you have questions about this project please email Mark @ or Tweet me at mgrennan

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MySQL Fan Boy get noticed

Looks like I may have found something people are interested in. My Linux Fan Boy blog is getting as many hits as this bog in only a few weeks. 

I got mentioned in Log Buffer #188, a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

 You can find it at URL    :

but here is the jist.

[…] […] Starting off this week’s issue is a request from Mark Grennan a DBA who would like to let the community know about his blog MySQL Fan Boy, where he wrote an interesting post on including a script to replace MySQL table files on a live system, making it faster and limiting locking on large table loads. Also a post this week on whether MarieDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL. […] […]