Traci is Mad

It's odd how you can know someone all there life and still not quite understand them. I think I have learned something about my doughter Traci. I think she is mad at me because I'm old.

I never know why, but some times Traci gets in these moods and gives me a hard time, says something mean or gives me this bad, sad, bad. She did it again tonight. 

We watched the movie Marley & Me this evening. Well I watched it. Traci watched a few minutes and then said, "You know, the dog dies in the end".  Traci love anamiles. I thought she would love a good dog movie. She had ask to see it before. She came back just before the movie was over remind me I was old. 

In the movie the dog Marley grows old, ill and dies. About two years ago I was sick and in the hospiel for a week with nemoniea. Everyone was nice and came to visit me except Traci.  When I ask her about it, because I was upset not seeing her, I could have used her confort and love, she because very upset and cried.  She said, "I can't talk about it" and she became mad when I pushed her about it.

I believe Traci loves me so much she can neither face or speek about my even being ill.