Mark’s Back

Hi everyone.  Have your been wondering why no updates on my bog? When my system died for a week I noticed friends started calling to learn what was up with me.

The reason my blog has not been updated in such a long time is NOT because things are going bad.  Its because things have been so GREAT!  I've been so busy with my wonderful new job working for Crossroads Wireless as their Computer Center Manager.

Dell was a good place to work. I learned a lot about Dell systems and move about how to manage system really gone wrong. I might still be working for Dell if they had a job for me to move up into without moving out of Oklahoma City.  With Linda family all here, Traci in high school and my parents aging I don't want to move. 

All the people I'm working with now are great, the work is exciting and I have lots of very new, very fast Dell system to work with.  The company is very Open Source aware and most of the system are Linux / Web / LAMP based.  Even the vendors have been surprised at how well designed and forward thinking the projects have been.

The picture is me standing at the gate of Elvis Presley's house. I now manage two data centers, one in Oklahoma City and One in Memphis Tennessee.  Both have new Dell blade servers and are connected to an EMC SANs.  The blades are diskless (boot from San) and run VMware with Virtual Center.  The two SANs replicate data through RecoverPoint servers (Linux Based) so any data written in OKC is almost instantly written to Memphis and vis versa.  Even better, RecoverPoint keeps a journal of writes so you can pick a point in time to roll your disk images back to. Because I'm running Linux LVM files systems, VMware and a SAN I can expand or shrink disk space almost at will.  VMware lets me take snap shots of a server before upgrades. Our database servers are MySQL professional with MySQL replication also between OKC and Memphis.  I'm using MySQL Enterprise Monitor to monitor MySQL and GroundWork to monitor my servers.  Our website is based on LifeRay, our email is Zimbra and our busines CMS is based on OpenTaps. All of them Open Source projects.

More on the home front, for years I have been running my own firewall using just IPTables or IPChains. In January I switched over to UnTangle and I've been loving it.  Firewall have become appliances these days. Product Like UnTangle have so many good fetchers it not worth do all the work your self.