Friend in Space

Friend in Space

I have a Friend in Space.  His name is Michael J. Foreman and his is aboard space shuttle STS-123.

I meet Mike at my high school reunion a couple of years ago.  Mike married Lorrie Dancer.  Lorrie was in the first class of women to attend the United States Naval Academy. That is where Mike and Lorrie met.

I was up late last night watching the launch on the NASA TV.  While we where waiting for the lift off Linda, my wife, email our classmates, including Lorrie, to tell everyone about the even.  I received this email back from Lorrie in return.

We're still on the roof of launch control.  The night launch was spectacular. 
Thanks for your prayers and support. Lorrie

The night launch was stunning.  I would have loved to been there and seen it with my own eyes.  Traci (my daugher) didn't think I would stay up to watch.  She should know better. I've been a space nut all my life. I stayed up late to watch man walk on the moon in my living room at the age of tweleve and not much has change about my interest in space.  Watching things like this makes feel like that little kid again.

I've been tracking the flight and tommorrow I hope to see it pass over head.