Working at Dell

Everyone is asking me "what is like working at Dell" and "what is it like to work in a call center"?

First the fact that I can blog this is an vast improvement. When I worked at Hertz, my last job, I didn't blog about it directly because the work environment there was to political. Speak out to much and you might get lay-ed off! At Dell, everyone is open. Workers are allowed to express their options.

Second, I work in a support group, not a call center.  What's the difference? I have no time limits when talking to Dell customers. If it takes six hours to get a problem solved I can stay on the phone with the customer or even call the customer back. I know because I've had a six hour call. Helping people with their computer problems is nothing new to me. If you know me, you know I've been working with microcomputer before that name was coined.
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I’m Certifable

I've passed my first Microsoft Test twards a MCSA or MCSE. I passed the Windows XP Professional test (70-270). The last test I took was for my amature radio licese seven years ago. Before that we need to go back to my highschool days.

You would think tirty years of experence would be worth something. My first computer as a Intel 4004. I build it while I was working as a stock boy for KA Electronics in Dallas Texas. At that point I know all there was to know about microcomputing and I and engeniers from Texas Insterments asking quesion about what I was doing with my four bit computer.

Over the years I have designed computer electronics, written operating systems in assembler (ZDos a CP/M clone), written accounting software from scratch in many computer languages and tought computers to addult students.  You would think this much knowlage about computers would get me a high paying job.

The only thing that seems to count with computer companies today is test. How did you do on your last Microsoft Cert.? Do you have your MCSE? It seems if you can't answer positivly to these questions no one wants to talk with you.