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Computer Illiterate Teacher Goes to Jail

Computer Crime SceneJulie Amero, substitute teacher, was convicted, of exposing children in her classroom Internet porn.  I believe this is a great injustice. I've read she was told to let the kids use the computer and not to turn it off.  I've also read the computer was an old Windows 95 system.  My experience tells me this computer was not well maintained.  I'd place a bet that it had never been updated. Evidence of this is the fact that the computer was running Internet Exployer 5.  IE5 is very old.

The computer forensics examiner W. Herbert Horner confirmed everything she said: The computer was infected before she got there, a site visited that morning caused the pop-ups to start, and the porn was the result of pop-ups, not deliberate action.  The judge didn't let Horner give his full testimony.  Horner later said, "This was one of the most frustrating experiences of my career, knowing full well that the person is innocent and not being allowed to provide logical proof.

Some have said she should have just turned off the computer. But the harm was already done. Turning off the computer wouldn't have helped.

I believe the people responsible are the administrators of the school system of Norwich. It took a lot of neglect of what the Internet is like and how computer vulnerabilities are found everyday to put such a system in a classroom.

Now Julie Amero may get some help. Connecticut criminal defense lawyer William Dow has stepped in and offered help to Julie Amero.

I'm wondering if other children in the Norwich school district are at risk?

No Vacation

Job SearchMany of my friends have called to ask me how my job search is going. Thanks guys.

Some times its hard to know how your friends are. People I thought of and treated as friends don't return my calls. Some people who I didn't know well have called me many times to cheer me up. Some have even given me job leads.  Thanks each of you.

I have been without work for six week now but it has not been a vacation as my friends have suggested.  This is a very stressful time.  For the first four weeks I posted my resume on lots of websites without a single call.  And the only calls that did come in where from placement services. After a week even they stopped calling.

Things are just now starting to look up. This week I have had three interviews. All of them went very well. Now I'm waiting for call backs.

The job hunt process has become very impersonal.  You don't start with an interview anymore.  Even whey they say you can "apply in person" they don't mean it.  A couple of companies, on their web site, said you could apply on line or in person.  When I tried to apply in person I was told "We don't do that anyone.  Every thing is done on the Internet." 

Companies all requires a drug tests.  I think this is a good idea.  I don't want to work with some tweaked out hope head, but the companies done care what they are putting people through. You get a packet in the mail, you are told you MUST show up to a location (one company didn't even get the address right.) within 24 HOURS.  There are papers to sign to give them permission two spy on your life. After signing,  withing an hour,  you must pee in a cup, it must me above the white line, you must not flush, you must leave it on the back of the toilet, you must show ID, sing here,ensure there, don't make any other marks.  I think ever CEO should go through the process they put their employees through.

Iva’s Poems – Page 7





"He's a mighty fine fellow"

We hear most every day

"Honest kind and thoughtfull

we often hear them say.

When I heard them say that

I wounder if it could be

If any of these expressions

were ever made of me?


 "He's No good to anyone"

As honary as can be "

(Not even to his friends or self)

I have heard this too, you see.

So I wounder if these expressions

were ever made of me?


So, if they say the better things

I wil have to live to be

Honest, Kind, and Thoughtfull

Then maybe to some degreee

sSome of the good expressions

we hear, maybe made of me.


by Henry Ridgway

March 14, 1949 

I found my Friends.

I found my friends Laughing but It looks like they have disowned me.

Scott Bentley and Randy Hilburn both maintain blogs. I like keeping up with friends so I often read and post comments to their blogs.  After leaving work, I was unable to find them until tonight. Scott does most of the blogging.  He keeps up with his even better then I keep up with my own. 

Odd thing is, when I worked with them they keep links to my blog. Now the links are gone.  Are we no longger friends guys?  

They don't answer my Instant Messenger calls either.  Frown


No Job Yet

 It's now been four weeks and I'm still looking for full time work.  This may be be longest I've been without a job in thirty years.  But things are starting to look up.

I have two interviews this week for contract jobs. They both sound like good work. I've also been getting more calls this last week. So I'm thinking businesses are coming out of the Christmas doldrums. 

 The interesting part of this process has been how impersonal it all has become.  You don't go to business offices anymore and apply in person.  I tried this last week for at job at the OU Medical Center.  The job posting said you could apply in person. When I showed up the nice lady said, "We don't do that here anymore.  Everything is done on the Internet."  But the Internet and resumes don't give you any idea the personality or desire of the person. 

 Job placement services are all about finding the right skills for the right job.  Recent job history and certificates are all they seem to be looking for in an applicant. When I talk to the employers they say they're needing someone that can think on their feet and learn new products and procedures as things change.  And in the business of data processing things changes every day.

As a part of applying for a job, I was asked to take a technical test. It's been a long time since I took a test.  The last test I took was for my general class amateur radio license more then seven years ago. Today I took five test. Two for Linux / Solaris, two for general programing and one for computer forensics.  I passed them all.