Still no Income

Its been three weeks and still no income. With all the high tech workers on the street in Oklahoma City these days the job market is a bit thin.

mgrennan@BitWine I have started talking consulting call through BitWine.

AOL laied off their entire OKC call center before the Hertz layoff. It was their last call center in the US.  All those jobs went over seas.  There are roomers that Hertz will be outsourcing some jobs.  I'm beginning to believe they may outsource all of their Information Technology devision.  Hertz's corporate office is in Park Ridge New Jessey.  

Meanwhile, I'm trying my best to bring in some income.  I've signed up for tech support calls with services like BitWine.  They do have some IT people in that office.  Mostly managers, web developers all working very closely with marketing.  Park Ridge, or Dark Ridge as it is known in OKC, has for a long time seen OKC as most accountants see data processing services, an expense. 

Maybe if IT is outsource the new company will be looking for new talent? 


Laid off – Week Two

Still no job

I've been searching for a new job for two weeks now and how things have changed since the last time I was actively looking.

I say actively because mostly jobs have found me. The last time I had to look for a job was in the late 90's.  To find a job then you search the paper each day. Today there is nothing in the paper.  Well,  there are no professional jobs. 

I have posted my resume on all the job search sights, Monster,  Job Seeker, but all that has gotten me is calls from placement services.  I don't mind working with them but I've never been sure they have my best interest in mind.  One of the companies that contacted me wanted me to pay them four thousand (4k) dollars to help find me a job. 

It shouldn't be this way, but it looks like my biggest problem with finding a new job is my age.  Every placement services has told me be same.  This isn't new, CIO magazine wrote about "The High Price of Age Descrimination"  back in 2001. Because of this I considered filing suit, but I have decided against it after talking to an atterney.  Even If I could win, it's not worth what it would do to my reputation.

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Iva’s Poems – Page 6



My Sweetheart


When the Angel came to whisper

of the love, they were to share.

They placed in the arms of a mother,

a boy with curly hair.


He grew to be their Sunshine,

They taught him how to play.

They stood-by-him in every task

His dark clouds, they rolled away.


Then, when our lover grew so deeply,

He asked me for my hand.

To me he's still an angel,

Tho he has grown to be a man.


He's the father of our children,

The greatest joy of our life.

He is a darling to his parents,

but a SWEETHEART to his wife.


by Iva Ridgway for husband Henry

I’ve Lost my friends

They didn't die.  They haven't moved away. They have all taken down their web pages.

A lot of my friends had personal web sites.  It was nice to be see what they where up to and leave them  comments.  One by one, they have taken them down.  Some told me they just didn't have the time to keep up with them.  I think most just thought it was just silly to write about yourselves. Maybe they are right.  But I miss them.  I like reading on, how Scott was working starting a diet or was experimenting with Diet Coke and Mentos.  I like it when show videos of Randy's last vacation.  I thought YouTube or MySpace had won.  Maybe my friends had postings there but I couldn't find them.

Hey guys, where did you go?  Do you post anything any more?  Did the cat get your keyboard?

Laid off

Hello friends.  For the last six and a half years I worked for Hertz Corporation (HTZ).  That's right, I was laid off in the first round of layoffs on January 5th. I'm now seeking a new job.  Here is my resume .

You may have noticed I haven't written about who I was working for or what I did. Not because I wasn't proud of my work. I have lots of pride about what I did for Hertz. I loved my job and I liked the people I worked with.  I didn't write about it because the company discouraged it. Now I'm almost free to speak my mind.

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