McAfee Calls for the “Digital Dark Ages”

This month (July 2006) McAfee Avert Labs issued their first issue of Sage. Sage is a semiannual newsletter with the goal to publish predictive and incisive security research that helps you understand the current and evolving threat environment.

Over the years I have been happy with McAfee and their products.  Recently, I have become very pleased with McAfee because of the Sabag Security podcast produced by two of their employees. Sabag Security is a wonderful weekly coverage of what's happen in security. When I downloaded and read the first issue of Sage, I expected something like the podcast with more details.

To my surprise, McAfee's Sage newsletter is a blast at Open Source and intellectual freedom and a call to keep us all secure by making all intellectual property (IP) secret.

Sage opens with the Editor's notes by Kevin J. Soo Hoo.  Mr. Hoo describes Open Source by saying "By open source, we refer to the free and unconditional sharing of source code and ideas."  Mr. Hoo also says "Whether posting a terrorist training manual or a how-to guide for attacking infrastructure, there are consequences to the free and open share of information –".

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Hectic Days

Sorry about long pause between posts.  There has been a lot happening.  This is just a quick post to give everyone an update.

  1. I'm a lot healthier and still planning my trip to Colorado in Aug 2006
  2. Linda had her 30th PCW 76 high school reunion
  3. Traci has started back to the  Mat Trotters Gym and is doing well.
  4. Traci has also applied for Jr. Curator position at the Oklahoma City Zoo
  5. Nathan  is doing well at his new job in Santa Clara CA (Silcon Valley area)

I'll be updating stories here and on the other website soon.