Iva’s Poems – Page 5

This poem was writen my Iva for Fother's day.



He is just a small fellow,
who has a heart of gold.
A bit stooped from toil and labor,
yet, to me he isn't old.
His eyes displays his kindness,
there is silver in his hair.
His voice is soft and mellow,
as it is carries thru the air.


His clothes are oiled and spotted,
when I see him in his shop.
He often makes his shop tools
and seldoms has a flop.
He's happy when he is working,
Keeping busy the whole day thru.
At night he visits cheerfully,
his friends and loved ones true.


Tho he isn't very wealthy,
or noted for his fame.
I wouldn't trade his friendship,
for the highest noblest king.
He has proved himself a treasure,
just for me to hold.
He is the father of my children,
and is more precious to me than gold.

by Iva Ridgway for husband Henry

Where are your realy going today?

I found this great webpage testing tool called Paros. You configure it as a proxy server
and it records every connection your browser makes. It is used to debug websites. I used
it to monitor what my browser was doing and I was quite suprised.

As an experiment I went to five website I visit regulary.  

    www.google.com          – Search
    www.yahoo.com           – search
    www.kfor.com              – local news
    www.myspace.com       – Watching my child
    www.classmates.com    – My wife's 30th reunion

I was expecting two or three hits pre URL.  It's is common for sites companies to have
more then one web server for their site. Some system hold graphics while others monitor
your access. I was supprised to see my clicks are ten to one. I accessed ten sites for
every url I went to.

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Proof of Bigetlexia

What is Bigetlexia.  Bigitry about people with trouble reading and spelling.

I've written may times about how people don't understand dyslixics . If you are dyslexic you are just considerd stupid and most of the time it's the smart educated people that are the wrost.

 Today I heard a great storie on NPR that supports my issue. It was about how many words are in the English language? 500,000? 1 million? A linguist says there is no way to really count all the words. What's more, he wonders why people even care.

  Being dyslixic, and therefor a audio thinker, you know many words. Dyslixics, more often then not, have very large vocablaries.  The trouble comes in spelling even small words. This disconnect is hard for even dyslixics to understand.  Why the word CAT is any different then the work ACT or TAC and why people can't understand it in a sentence like, "The act jumped off the roof." is hard for me to understand.  I'm sure some of you pictured a group of actors jumping off my house. A very abstract thought.  But the words on the page or abstract in them selves. How is making a small logical step to correct the world any different.  

 People as me just how ard is it. Its hard to explain. I'm typing this pariagph and i'm not correcting it on purpose just to show you how the words come out of my head.  I'm not ven looking at the page because some times I can see mistakes. The computer highlights time for me. So this is how i think. With everh glish is correction out of place.

 Back to the show.. Please lisson to this.  

Enumerating English

 So my are people snobs? Why do some people have to treat people with simple imferities with such open distain? Does it make them feel better about the selfs to belittle someone else because they misspell the work CAT? I'm sure none of the people how have treated be poorly because of my problem over the years would win a spelling bee.  And I'd guess people who have won spelling bee's would be more understanding then them.

God please, could just be over my bigetry about spelling bitets.  Could you help me care less about people who intilexualy sit me in the back of the bus? 

  For more information on Dyslexica see: