Mark’s Poems

Snow on the Redbuds

Snow on the Redbuds

Here it is March,
its already spring.
The robins are back,
every morning the birds sing.

Oklahoma weather is strange,
it can rain with the sun up high.
But I love it when
snow falls from the sky.

When I got up this morning,
it was cold and my window was bright.
There was snow on the Redbuds.
It fell through the night.

Mark Grennan
March 23, 2006

Iva’s Poems – Page 3

This is poem dedicated to my great grand father who I never met.


My Dad

Who gives his daily pleasures up
for his family burdens to bear?
Who toils until late at night
to make us pleasures here?

Who stroked his head & said goodbye
when the Great War was on?
Then with a smile and mellow voice
sing Happy – – – "Hello Son".

No other heart is quit so true
Who else gives live and time.
to do the things that he has done
as this brave Dad of mine.


by Iva Ridgway August 1948
in memory of
John Washington Villines


Iva’s Poems – Page 2

This is page two of Iva's Poems. This poem is dedicated to Iva's three brothers Roy, Jim and Otto.






A Brother is like a gorgeous Rose
Whose petals are a beauty to see.
I could not choose among your,
for my LOVE goes out to Three.
I could not pick out just one rose
for the others are just as TRUE.
It takes all of You" my dears,
to make my Dreams come true.



By Iva Ridgway
Okemah, Oklahoma
(For Roy, Jim and Otto)