Iva’s Poems

Iva's PoemsI have a great little book of poetry make by my Aunt Ivanell Ridgway Chesser. She is my aunt that I've gotten to know really well in the last few years. She has shown me a number of things that my Grandfather Ridgway did during his life and has commented that I remind her a lot of him. He worked with his hands doing different crafts such as making tools, pottery, building models and drawing. Plus he wrote some poems in this poetry book.

Page 1I say Ivanell is the author but the book may have been made my her mother, Iva Villines Ridgway (my grandmother). The book is a collections of poems from her and other members of my family. Most written in the 1940 and 50s. These poems have never been published, except in this little book. The book was give to me as a gift some years ago.

I had the idea to publish these poems here, one my one, when I heard a story on the NPR the other day about how poetry is a dying art. I write poetry myself and I may add to this collections with some of my own works from time to time.

Thanks Ivanell for this collection.

Here is the first of many to come.


Love Goes To all

My sisters are like a garden of flowers,
so Lovely, and so sweet, and so True,
Each one has their Own Place
as each flower has it's gloom.


If one is picked from it's stem,
No other can take their place
You may place another there,
but it just fills up the space.


"That's why I Love you, SISTER,
because that You are "YOU"
Each year you all grow sweeter
because each love is TRUE.


Iva Ridgway

On this page is a picture of Viola and Iva. That is Ivanell's mother and aunt (my grandmother and great aunt).

Zero Install War Driving with back|track

There is a new Remote Exploite CD out so why do it again?

It has become so eazy to setup a war driving system now it worth another go. In this case you don’t have to install ANY software on your system.  Zero.  You can to it all with a “Live CD”.

Here is what you need and I used.

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MyStickies is a realy great web tool.


MyStickies is a browser plug-in (I use Firefox) which lets you put a sticky note on any web page your browser can visit. When you come back to the page, your sticky notes is still there, where you left them.

MyStickies is free and they give you an unlimited number of Sticky Pages. It is not avaible for Internet Exployer.

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The Long Hike

The Long Hike

This was the weekend of the long hike. As a part of my promise to my self (my new years resolution) to get in shape, I went to the Wichita Wild Life Refruge for the entire day.

I started the day at eight am but as usual I didn’t get out of the house until ten am.

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