My New Years Resolution

The Real MeThis fat (300lb) old (I turn fifty this month) man is planning to climb Quandry Peek in Colorado and drag lots of radio gear up with him on August 13th, 2006 as a part of the Amateur Radio 14er Event.

a year ago I was planning a trip to climb Quandry. Instead, I became
very sick with a kidney disease and depressed. I still recovering
and suffering from the effects of these  problems.

in January every year, I take a whole month to set myself a New Year’s
resolution. I have been looking for a goal to commit to since December.
An event I could focus on and challenge myself to get back into shape.

If my doctor approves, this is my goal.

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Opinions are like A——s

I have added another website to my own.  Now you can read
reviews of businesses and restaurants in my area I have written on

Yelp is Social Bookmarking
website.  The idea is to find someone who has lots of review and
fits your tastes.  Then check out what they have found as
new.  Or, if you looking for the best Mexican place in town to
eat, search through all the review and find a place everyone likes.