Radio Days

KD5AMB is back on the AIR.

Today I made my first amateur radio (HAM) contact, on HF in two years.
It was exciting. I checked in to the Menno Net. I conacted WS6X Jim on
14.289.5mz at 21:05ust. Jim lives in Frenso CA.

The Menno Net (Mennonite Rescue Radio Network) meets every Sunday at 2000 utc on or about 14.290 mz. On this day I heard:

WS6X    Jim     CA
VA3WIT Wally Ridgeville Canada

Besides new age Podcasting, I’m also interested in old school
amateur radio. And to be a "Real" old school-er ham you have to make
contacts on HF. Think of having our own AM radio staion.


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The Linksys 54g Project Begins

My best friend (Jim Glover WB5UDE) and I (KD5AMB) have started a
project to create a wireless (802.11b/g) GPS server and APRS tracking
system. It uses a Linksys WRT54G wireless router and the OpenWRT Linux
software. This is the start of what will become a list of projects
using this platform to create Amateur Radio, Wireless, navagation and
network services for your car.
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Getting on Track

    This weekend I re-instated an old project and completed it in one day.  Things don’t often go this good.

    About five years you could track the location of my car though APRS (Amature Position Reporting System). When I
bought a new car in 2002 the tracker never made the transfer.  This last weekend it’s back.  I’m starting a new project to create a wireless (802.11b/b) tracking unit using a LinkSys WRT54g. It will take some time to get it working.  Meanwhile, I have the equiptment to put a tracker in the car now and it’s a shame to not put it to work.

The GPS date transmited by my tracker gets picked up by others and is feed to an Internet Gateway that in turn feeds it to a database. The database can be accessed at

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