Serenity – Movie Review


Four Stars ****

The Poster    I was invited to the Preview of Serenity on Tuesday September 27, 2005.

   Having not seen but two of the TV shows this movie is based on, and the two I saw, where not very satisfying, I was hoping the movie would stand on it's own (because I don't know  about the plot) and build the characters for me so when I return to the show, (Waiting for me on TiVo) I would have some ideas of what it is about.


   This was a very good movie. I learned to love the characters in short order.  The plot is good. The actions are GREAT and the special effects are all there. 

   Serenity, is not a high drama like a StarWars.  It's more of a made for TV movie like StarTrek Next Gen.  But it is FUN.  This is the kind of movie I'd love to return to every few months for the next installment. 


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Apple Store Opens in Oklahoma City

David Carr, Adam Jewell, Jeff Lamprechp, Tanner Beers

    I attended the Grand Opening of the new APPLE computer store in Oklahoma City on Saturday morning September 25. I got there at about 5:30 and there was already 50 people there. There are lots of stores in town that sell Apple computers. Some even sell apple exclusively. But a TRUE Apple store is a little different. Apple stores open with lots of FAN-fair. Literally.
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Zero Install War Driving

The equpment

I have written about War Driving before so why do it again?

It has become so easy to setup a war driving
system now it worth another go. In this case you don’t have to install ANY software on your
system.  Zero.  You can to it all with a “Live CD”.

Here is what you need and I used.

(NOTE: Remote Exploit is working on a new version of Auditor called Back/Track. It is a fusion of the best two live security CDs, Auditor and WHAX.)

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