Life and Death in Oklahoma

    Why are the people who say "life is sacred" and worry about stem cell research also the people who want to kill Iraqies at the cost of their own brothers and sisters?

    If killing Iraqies is OK why can’t we harvist all of their stem cells for our research? Hell, (Which is where I think these thoughts will take you.) the money we would make off the cheep research and medical treatments would play for killing them off.

    I live in Oklahoma where the presidentual election is so one sided, campain adds end with lines like "If your for Mr X. you are aginst BUSH" like being aginst Pris. Bush is argument. The same people who ask quistions like "What would Jesus say about that?" are the ones asking "Where does Bush stand on that?"

    I don’t think this state will every change. If you express an idea contrary to the "group think", people come out of the wood work to explain where you are going wrong. In my state may employees are punished for expressing wrong thoughs. I would not be supprised to see water fountins labeled "Bush supporters only".

    Is this a great state or what?


Quandry Peek

    I have chosen Quandry Peek as my first outdoors adventure in over ten year.

    I’m working on taking my first trip attempt this peek this weekend. The weather has not been holding up this year. Day time highs are in the hight 40s and night time temps are in the low 20s. Snow has been falling early this year. Even with heavy snow I hope to get above the tree line.


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