F the RIAA


    I thought music was dead.

    I’m a product of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Along with my youth, my passion for music died. I thought this was a natural process. Every generation of kids find a voice in the music that speaks to them.

    What I’ve just learned is the youth and even us adults (I’m 49) have been feed so much crap over time we have forgotten what real music is like. The Recording Industry has taken control over almost every outlet and distribution channel and through them given us cheap, plastic, over processed crap.

    I’m here to say, REAL MUSIC LIVES!!!

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Newsflash 3

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Dad’s Girl Band


      My Lascivious Biddies CD came in today. :-) I’ve talked about the Biddies so much in the last week, when the CD’s arrived my daughter (13) called me at work and said, "Your Girl band CD are here." Yup, that’s perfect. In a world full of boy bands, there is a Girl Band for me.

    Critics are supposed to be critical, but I’m having a hard time finding something bad to say.

    Lee Ann, Amanda, Deidre and Saskia are delisus. Their music is pure ear candy for anyone tired of what goes for music these days.

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