This is the Grennan’s have a new website.

    After being on the Internet from the very beging with little change to the look and feel of my site it was time to make some chagnes.  You can see how little it has changed over time by going to the Wayback Machine.

    It has take some time to find just the right software to use.  I have been experimenting with lots of Content Management Systems (CMS). I’ve put up PHP-Huke, PHPWebsite, and now I’ve settled on Mambo.  You can see a complete list of CMSs and compare them at The CSM Matrix.

Home – Takes you to the home page.
Blog – Stories and articals about events and topics of interest to me (Mark).  This section will expand and will become a menu of it’s own.  It will thin contain a blog for each  family member who has something to say. Or, just a link to a page about them.
Photos – No change in this software. Gallery integrates into Mambo very well.
Downloads – I have lots of documents, programs, and files to share, and the DocMAN program I’m using is great.
WebCam – This is just a link to the old webcam.  Maybe I should start a project and create a Mambo WebCam. (Broken at the moment.)
Statistics – This is my site statistics.


    I am stil working on this site.  I have lots of stuff to add.  The Gallery photo section still needs to be intergrated into mambo and not just a popup window.  I also need to find a way to intergrate the bookmarks program I had.  The biggest thing to do is to find a way to have "Home" pages for the other family members.  Maybe in just a few more sleepless nights…… 

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