Software Defined Radio

I’ve been ask,  “What is Mark up to now”?

You my friends now, I’m always learning new thing. Art, poetry, electronics, computing, as a matter of fact I’ve come to the conclusion my hobby is “Learning New Things”.

Now I’m learning how to make radios out of computer code.  There is a little bit of hardware.  But it’s a very little bit. The biggest part of the radio is the computer and the software to run the math.

Do you remember imaginary numbers from high school?  Right…     i = Sqr Root of -1

Well, I’ve found a use for all that math. Try to think of all the radio signals running through your space right now.  AM radio, FM radio, TV, Cell Phone, WiFi, Blue Touth, Child monitors, CB radio, Ham Radio, Satellite signals, and more. Now think of them as sound.  All that noise.

If you digitize that noise and run it through a few math functions, you can tune in one signal.  With a little more math you can demodulate it and turn it back into sound.

I’ll post a few videos and document in the next few weeks about what I’m learning.

San Francisco Zoo

The SF Zoo is a great place. I loved my morning.


But SF has a bit of a homeless problem and they know how to spot a rental car. I had my stuff in the trunk and they broke in just to see what might be there.


Snow on the Redbuds (again)

Snow on the Redbuds

Here it is March,
its already spring.
The robins are back,
every morning the birds sing.

Oklahoma weather is strange,
it can rain with the sun up high.
But I love it when
snow falls from the sky.

When I got up this morning,
it was cold and my window was bright.
There was snow on the Redbuds.
It fell through the night.

Mark Grennan
March 23, 2006

Traci is Mad

It's odd how you can know someone all there life and still not quite understand them. I think I have learned something about my doughter Traci. I think she is mad at me because I'm old.

I never know why, but some times Traci gets in these moods and gives me a hard time, says something mean or gives me this bad, sad, bad. She did it again tonight. 

We watched the movie Marley & Me this evening. Well I watched it. Traci watched a few minutes and then said, "You know, the dog dies in the end".  Traci love anamiles. I thought she would love a good dog movie. She had ask to see it before. She came back just before the movie was over remind me I was old. 

In the movie the dog Marley grows old, ill and dies. About two years ago I was sick and in the hospiel for a week with nemoniea. Everyone was nice and came to visit me except Traci.  When I ask her about it, because I was upset not seeing her, I could have used her confort and love, she because very upset and cried.  She said, "I can't talk about it" and she became mad when I pushed her about it.

I believe Traci loves me so much she can neither face or speek about my even being ill. 

100 Pushups!

One of my new years resulations was to turn my wait gain around. Meaning, not to loose X number of pounds but simply to start looseing. What I need is a simple workout plan. Something that will not take much equpment or time.

Today I learned about One Hundred Pushups .COM.I took the test and I can do six knee (I call them girly) pushups. I'll start the full program on monday (01/19/09). I'll post my results on twitter each day and update this story when I complete the program.

Wish me luck.