Dyslexics of the World Untie.

If you havn't guess yet,    I'M  Dyslexic!

I'm not prode of it. It's not like being left handed or something. It's more of a curse. Something like having a club foot. Always in the way and somthing for people to sniker at.

It is a curse. Almost all dyslexics are VERY inteligent.  Because of this dyslexics want to learn everything   -  but schools won't have them  -    teachers don't understand them and self teaching requires more tourcherus reading.

Every word, read or written takes three or four times the effort it takes the average person because you can't tell the diffreence between a  p q 9 6 b d.;

People don't understand dyslixics.  If you are dyslexic you are just considerd stupid. I don't know how many times some asshole, durring a great debate, replied with a stupid remark like "I might be able to belive you if you could spell!". If you do a Google search for the phrase "if you could spell" you will turn up about 16,000 references and most are in the context of a put down.

So called "Smart People" are the worst.  Bigotlexia (Lexical Bigotry) seems to be tought in school.  Note the popularity of the Spelling Bee.

I have tought continuing educations courses at my local jr. collage. But I didn't last long in collage. Not because I couldn't make the grade. One day I just couldn't stand fighting the battel againt bigetlexia. In physics my class, I never made a grade less then 100. That is untill the professer  took off for spelling. (He loved esay tests.)  One day I never returned.

I think maybe some people are just confused. When they hear me speak, I seem of normal intelgence. I've even been told I'm a very good speaker and easy to understand. Then when people try to read my writing they have trouble understanding me.  They think I'm being lasy or I just don't care.  And this couldn't be further from the truth.

As a child I was forced to sit for hours rubbing my finger over each letter of over sized words, saying each letter and repeating the word. This was shear tourcher. I would run and hide when it was time for spelling practice.

Did it help?  Maybe.  But NO child should be tourched like this.  Much less an intelgent child. This sort of activity just reinforces the playgrould comments they hear every day "Ha Stupid!". (Sorry Mom)

I'm not tring to make you feel sorry for me or do anything special for dyslexics.   Just be understand if sometimes we don't put in the 300% it takes to look normal.   We are trying.

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