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OHM = Oklahoma + (Hacker + Maker) * Space

Fourteen hundred (1400) square feet of space just waiting for mussels and brains to bring it to live. Last night I attended a meeting OHM Space. For now it just a big room but I can invasion the day when … Continue reading

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Two-factor SSH with YubiKey on CentOS 5.6

I believe the Passwords are the biggest security problem facing public computing and YubiKey is the answer. A password is often the only thing between your stuff and the people who want to steal your stuff.  Passwords fall victim to … Continue reading

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ESXi USB root password recovery

Recovering ESXi root password is not like most linux system.  You can’t just put ‘single’ into lilo. You need to boot a Linux CD into recover mode. mount /dev/sda6 to /mnt/sysconfig cd /tmp tar zxf /mnt/sysconfig/local.tgz vi /tmp/etc/shadow remove the … Continue reading

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