More Phone Stuff

Ok, so voice dictation is ok for writing blog post. If you doing tech work it is not so great. You need a keyobard. So… I got an iLepo 360 from Flyshark. It is a very tiny folding keyboard. I’m typing this post with it. It connects via bluetooth and it has all the key you need even if some are accessed via a FN key. With this I’m ready work from the beach.

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Great new phone

I got a great new phone. I got a galaxy samsung note edge and I have added the word press app. Now I can voice dictate blog posts. This is just cool.

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Software Defined Radio

I’ve been ask,  “What is Mark up to now”?

You my friends now, I’m always learning new thing. Art, poetry, electronics, computing, as a matter of fact I’ve come to the conclusion my hobby is “Learning New Things”.

Now I’m learning how to make radios out of computer code.  There is a little bit of hardware.  But it’s a very little bit. The biggest part of the radio is the computer and the software to run the math.

Do you remember imaginary numbers from high school?  Right…     i = Sqr Root of -1

Well, I’ve found a use for all that math. Try to think of all the radio signals running through your space right now.  AM radio, FM radio, TV, Cell Phone, WiFi, Blue Touth, Child monitors, CB radio, Ham Radio, Satellite signals, and more. Now think of them as sound.  All that noise.

If you digitize that noise and run it through a few math functions, you can tune in one signal.  With a little more math you can demodulate it and turn it back into sound.

I’ll post a few videos and document in the next few weeks about what I’m learning.

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Random Thought # ?

Some days when work or live goes bad I start asking why?  Not why the work was so hard.  More the philosophical why.  Why is all this that way.  Why do we make the mistakes we make. Why do we suffer.
I work in computer science processing and analysing weather data. Most people think I’m not a religious person because I’m so analytical.  I analize everything and have answers for most all of it.  Just ask me. But I don’t have real anserwers.  Most of what I see are the relationships about how things fit together. Things like, how signals like radar become pictures on your web page showing you the storm and how it could all be reduced to a couple of chips.  But I also see how people make changes in their lives that effect not only themselves but everyone around them.
The Voyager space craft is tens of thousands of miles from Earth.  It transmits signals to us with the power of a five watt light bulb.  Could you see a 5W light bulb 11,893,000,000 miles away?  Still, we can hear what it is sending us.
The key to both these things is hearing and seeing through the noise.  Filtering out just the parts that have the meaning. In the computer room with 10,000 fans running… can you hear the soft beep of the hard drive seeking and re-seeking trying to recover the data before it fails? Throughout the daily noise of business conversations can you hear the co-worker struggling to pay attention because they are worried if their kids are sick or how they will get home after the car broke down?  In the noise of you’re own life, can you hear what God is telling you?
These are the things I ask myself.

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My friends chase storms

A lot of my friends and co-workers are storm chasers.  This week the office when on a chase, saw a tornado and where in the news.

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Best day in a long time.

Today Linda and I crashed a wedding. Saw a great movie and had a wonderful dinner. One to remember.

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Innovator of the Year

Ever time Weather Decision Technologies, the place where I work, wins an award I like to think its mine.


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I’ve been having fun with my new Lologhography scanner I got from Kickstarter. You can use a smart phone to make photos from old negatives. Here are a few.








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Miles and miles

When I arrived at work today I noticed. I think my car deserves an oil change.


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Bucket list


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